Autism Bedfordshire will have a representative from the Children's Services Team at the Child Development Centre in Kempston on the following dates to offer support and information on a 1:1 basis.  
Tues 12th September 2017
Tues 10th October 2017
Tues 14th November 2017
Tues 12th December 2017
Tues 9th January 2018
Tues 20th February 2018
Tues 13th March 2018
Tues 17th April 2018
Tues 8th May 2018
Tues 12th June 2018 

10:00am— 12:00pm
Venue: Child Development Centre, Hill Rise, Kempston MK42 7EB
For further details please contact Autism Bedfordshire on 01234 214871 or email [email protected]