We like to keep things lively at Autism Bedfordshire so just before Christmas 2017 we thought it would be fun to move offices and open our first charity shop at exactly the same time. Oh, how we laughed. And cried. And shed tears of sleep deprivation…Anyway, in the chaos, we suffered a small disaster. Emma (our amazing CEO) accidently dropped her laptop. Not once. But twice. Just to make sure it was really, really broken. The room went silent before expletives were let loose and someone dug out the kettle at great speed to make her a comforting cup of tea. (With two tea-bags. This means things are very bad).

After spending several months *ahem* ‘borrowing’ everyone else’s laptop, Emma decided enough was enough and contacted Mark Kelly at Laptops Direct some advice on what laptop would be best for her and he very kindly talked her through all of her options and what we could afford with our budget. He very carefully explained all of the IT requirements that the laptop would need in order to find the best make and model for her. The whole team was very helpful and offered some excellent prices that were very fair and reasonable.  Then something brilliant happened. Mark showed real interest in our charity and Emma told him all about what we do and why. He very kindly agreed to let her have the laptop for free! Isn’t that fantastic? We are very grateful to Mark and his team for saving Autism Bedfordshire over £500, which was how much the laptop was worth. These funds can now be spent elsewhere, on our services which so many people rely on.

£500 is enough to pay for the exclusive hire of a soft play centre benefiting up to 25 autistic children and their families. The money could also be invested in our Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ Summer Activity Scheme or proving 1-2-1 support for an adult who needs support with looking for a job. I think you’ll agree this is money much better spent.

Thank you to Mark and his team at Laptops Direct for your kindness, generosity and support. You are extremely helpful and we’d definitely recommend your company to other people who are looking for IT equipment and resources.