In 2016 Daniel decided to take early retirement from his job and needed support to replace the structure that he inevitably lost.

Although he said he ‘wasn’t interested in people’ and ‘didn’t understand them’, he felt he could benefit from coming on our Communication and Social skills course. When asked what he wanted most from the course he said ‘To increase my social skills. At present I am not a sociable person’. His targets were to join the daytime social group and to initiate a conversation each week. He has surprised himself and us, over the 8 weeks of the course, as he has gradually become much more confident about initiating conversations, including opening up to the group about a number of challenges he has faced in his work and personal life.

The sharing of information with others on the course has included revealing an interest in music and owning a guitar he hadn’t played but with encouragement from one of our leaders is now learning to do so.

He has also ‘tried out’  the communication skills he has learned on the course at our daytime social groups which in turn has developed his self esteem and given him an insight into how time with or alongside others can be beneficial. 

Daniel is an example of a a person who has recieved a late diagnosis but has clearly benefitted from our services and we hope that his future will be more fulfilled and less isolated.