Mark had encountered significant difficulties in the workplace relating to engaging with customers and his colleagues.  This had led to a series of incidents resulting in a breakdown of communication within his immediate team. Coupled with consistent poor attendance and punctuality, Mark had received a final warning in relation to his performance and it was at this point that Mark’s employer requested support on his behalf.

Autism Bedfordshire initially met with Mark’s line management to discuss the difficulties being experienced.  This process involved explaining some of Mark’s behaviour in relation to his Autism and agreeing a way forward that was practical for both Mark and the employer.

In addition to this initial meeting, Autism Bedfordshire provided regular 1:1 support to Mark evaluating his performance and offering guidance relating to any difficulties he faced alongside retaining open communications with Mark’s manager.  We were pleased to see an almost immediate improvement in Mark’s performance resulting in positive feedback from his team leader in both his work and reliability.

Since February 2017, Mark has been accessing a communication skills course which has complimented his ongoing workplace support.  Mark’s self-esteem, energy levels and awareness of his communication with others were all noticeably increased.  This positive feedback has been re-enforced by ongoing positive feedback from mark’s employer and serves as an example of the significant impact that professional, considered and sustained support can be to someone.