Autism Bedfordshire Loves Safestore Dunstable!

We like to keep things lively at Autism Bedfordshire and not satisfied with being very busy moving offices, we decided to also launch our first charity shop at pretty much exactly the same time. It’s fair to say that in the weeks leading up to December if you didn’t move or blink quickly enough you stood a strong chance of being folded up and shoved ruthlessly into a box or bag. Hectic times indeed!

We are a charity that has quite a lot of ‘stuff’. We own everything from children’s activity games to t-shirts printing kits to enough coffee cups to re-stock your local branch of Ikea. We’ve been running our much needed services for autistic people for 26 years now so it’s only natural that we have lots of resources. We’re also very fortunate in that many people have donated lots of lovely things to be sold in our beautiful new charity shop.
Did I mention the charity shop? It’s at 47 Lowther Road in Dunstable. It’s quite near Safestore self storage – why not pop in grab yourself a fabulous bargain? It has quite a boutique feel to it and the items on sale are all in very good condition or brand new, even. The labels are mostly from the top end of the high street retailers – strictly no tat!

Anyway, so it will come as no surprise that not everything could fit into our new office and the shop was full to bursting so we went to Safestore Self Storage, and they were GREAT. We’ve been provided with a 75 square foot unit for free as we’re a local charity. We couldn’t believe our ears! Free is our favourite word in the whole of English dictionary.  I can’t tell you how much this means to us. It costs over £600,000 a year to run the charity and we rely hugely on donations and gifts as generous as this one to help us carry out our work at a reasonable cost. The Safestore employees were really friendly and helpful and nothing was too much to ask for. The whole business was very well organised and we found the whole process very straight-forward. After what had felt like the longest week in the world this came as a huge relief. We would definitely recommend Safestore to other businesses.
You’ll be pleased to hear that after many trips to and from the storage unit, the shop and our shiny new office we are finally settled in. The boxes are empty and the unpacking is complete. We’re still trying to recall where we’ve put things and the IT side of things is no longer testing our patience but we are IN!  Thankfully, we didn’t misplace any people and we’ve definitely learned our lesson about hanging onto things ‘just in case!’

About Autism Bedfordshire

Autism Bedfordshire is an independent charity providing emotional & practical support for individuals with Autistic Spectrum Conditions & their families in Bedfordshire & Luton.
The charity was founded in 1991 by parents of autistic children, to share information and support each other. Over the years the charity has expanded and developed its services, earning a widespread reputation for being an excellent provider of quality autism support.

It is estimated that over 6,000 people in the county are on the autistic spectrum and Autism Bedfordshire is the only voluntary organisation that is specialised in supporting children, young people and adults with A.S.C. Today the charity employs 20 office staff and over 200 staff and volunteers providing services to nearly 1,000 members. If you are interested in our services please go to or call us on 01234 214871.