Elsie Miles, the wonderful 8-year-old who raised money for Autism Bedfordshire with a sponsored silence

Elsie Miles is a remarkable young girl who decided to do something amazing for her autistic brother Freddie and other people like him. She took on the challenge of staying silent for a whole day, and raised £180 for Autism Bedfordshire.

Elsie’s brother Freddie is unable to talk, Elsie loves her brother very much, and wanted to do something to help him and others who face similar challenges.

She came up with the idea of doing a sponsored silence, because she thought it would be a good way to understand what it is like for Freddie and other non-verbal autistic people. She also wanted to raise money for Autism Bedfordshire, because they provide valuable services and activities for autistic people in the area.

Elsie’s sponsored silence took place on Sunday 24th September 2023. She remained silent the whole day without uttering a single word.  She said it was hard, but managed to stay silent the whole day.

She set up a GoFundMe page to collect donations from her supporters. She was very happy and proud of her achievement. She said she wants the money to go towards helping more people like her brother and to make them “super happy”.

If you want to support Elsie’s sponsored silence and donate to Autism Bedfordshire, you can visit her GoFundMe page [here]. You can also share her story with your friends and family to spread awareness and appreciation for autistic people.

Elsie is an inspiration to us all, and we congratulate her on her amazing achievement!

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