Autism & Relationships – A Toolkit for Practitioners

The training team at Autism Bedfordshire have assembled a toolkit of teaching resources for you to use.  These are designed to support you in one to one work with individuals about initiating, maintaining and managing their relationships with others.

Covering topics such as friendship, personal hygiene, sexuality, vulnerability, abuse and physical relationships, along with an overview of the complex area of mental capacity, this one day course aims to increase your confidence in delivering direct work to autistic young people or adults who need support in these areas.

At the end of the course you’ll receive a memory stick of over 300 resource items to take away, develop and build upon, as well as having the option to join a mutually supportive network of practitioners.

“Excellent resources provided that will help enhance my clinical practice” – psychotherapist

Cut off date for booking: Wednesday 6th April 2019


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