Panacea Charitable Trust awards £15,000 grant to support our Summer Schemes and Adult Skills Development

We are delighted to be awarded a grant from Bedford’s Panacea Charitable Trust supporting this year’s summer programmes for our members, both children and adults.

Our annual Summer Schemes and Adult Services Skills courses help to reduce social isolation and improve psychological wellbeing for autistic people and their families.

“We are delighted to receive this grant – these programmes make a real difference to the lives of autistic adults, children and their families living in Bedford. Thank you Panacea Trust for helping us to continue to provide vital support across the borough.” Emma Reade, CEO

The summer activity schemes provide a wide range of onsite activities and community-based experiences for autistic children and young people aged 3 to 17 years. Each scheme is specifically designed to cater for the different needs, interests, ages and abilities of those that attend and during the summer, and this year 244 days of activities were provided.

“Summer scheme is amazing for so many reasons, the kids are happy and they get to go to places that we wouldn’t take them to for fear of being judged”. Summer scheme parent

Adult Services Skill Development Courses are designed to help autistic adults develop communication, employment, social and life skills needed to be a part of the local community. The My Futures summer programme took place over 9 weeks with 15 young adults participating in a variety of sessions, including communication, social skills, employment and finance, as well as social activities like bowling and the cinema.

“After completing our recent summer skills course, one of our members has become much more engaged in our social groups and has secured full-time employment. The value of these courses to the wellbeing and self-esteem of our members cannot be underestimated.” Adult Services Manager

“I feel like it’s helped with many different things in my life. I’ve made new friends and I feel much better about myself.” Summer programme attendee

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