Autism Bedfordshire will be piloting a new service to provide young people aged 16-19 with access to our tailored skills courses alongside social opportunities. The project is temporarily on hold but we aim to run a pilot scheme later in the year. If you would like to find out more about the project please call us on 01234 214871 or email [email protected].

This service will be most suited to young people who are no longer accessing full time mainstream education and may have gaps in their weekly timetable. Our skills courses will offer an alternative, smaller, quieter environment for learning and can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual. Most of our skills courses will run for approximately 6 weeks and follow a planned scheme of work.

Courses will include: money management, travel training, communication & social skills, cooking, resilience in the community, pre-employment & volunteering.

Social opportunities are also a key element of this project offering a balance between learning and socialising amongst peers.  These activities will give young people the chance to consolidate their learning within real life environments or experiences.

We aim to empower the learners, reduce anxieties, build confidence and independence and develop skills which will be transferable as they approach adulthood.