Our Summer Activity Schemes in Bedford and Luton provide social, educational and play experiences for children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions (A.S.C.) aged 3 to 17 years. Bookings for this year's schemes are now closed. We will be publishing details of next year's schemes in early 2019.

Currently we run 8 separate schemes across the county.

Junior Activity Scheme

In 2017 Ofsted officials rated our Junior Activity Scheme in Luton as Outstanding.

The summary noted "Staff have an excellent understanding of holiday care. They create a relaxed and welcoming environment, where children feel at ease and develop social skills as they interact with others. They balance this extremely effectively through offering children stimulating play opportunities that help build the skills support their learning."

You can read the full report here.

Our Junior Activity Scheme is for children aged 3-9 years at any point on the autistic spectrum and can support up to 25 children per day. Each child is supported 1:1 (and occasionally, 2:1) by a trained member of staff or volunteer so they can access a wide range of activities or outings safely and according to their ability. This year activities included art and crafts, soft play, sensory play, bouncy castles, music, outside play equipment, visiting entertainment and trips out to go swimming, trampolining and to indoor and outdoor activity centres.

Summer Fun

Summer Fun is a youth club for young people aged 10-17 years with high functioning autism or Asperger Syndrome.  It offers 1:1 support when appropriate, otherwise the young people are encouraged to interact with each other, with the staff supporting them.  Up to 10 young people can attend each day. As a result of the high demand for this scheme, we offer two weeks at both Bedford and Luton so more young people can benefit.

 They go on daily outings to swimming pools, bowling alleys, gymnastic centres, boating lakes and the cinema.

Junior Holiday Club

Junior Holiday Club is for young people aged 10-13 years with A.S.C. and moderate to severe learning difficulties. It is similar in style to Summer Fun but with a higher staffing ratio (at least 1:1 support and sometimes 2:1), to enable the young people to access the activities safely. There are a range of outings geared towards the different needs and interests of these individuals e.g. swimming, trampolining, canoeing, outdoor play and animal farms. Each group can support up to 8 young people, depending on their needs.

Senior Holiday Club

Senior Holiday Club is for teenagers aged 14-17 years with A.S.C. and moderate to severe learning difficulties. As with the Junior Holiday Club, there are a range of outings to places such as Caldecotte Lake, Milton Keynes Gym, swimming pools and Dell Farm. Each group can support up to 8 young people, depending on their needs.

Ours are the only schemes in Bedfordshire and Luton specialised to support children and young people with ASC.  We spend a great deal of time planning the programme of activities, assessing each child’s needs and structuring the days to take account of these needs.  The result is, we believe, a quality social experience for the children and a rewarding experience for all who work on the project.

All of our activity schemes provide a wide range of appropriate and engaging social, play and sporting activities including sand and water play, art and crafts, bouncy castles, swimming and visits to popular outdoor activity venues.  Please note that all activities are subject to change and some are yet to be confirmed.