Support for Adults

We believe that autistic adults should have the opportunity to lead an independent and fulfilling life and we work tirelessly to empower our members to achieve just that. We have developed a range of services to facilitate this mission based upon our members feedback.

Our members told us that the options available for autistic adults without a learning difficulty can be very limited as they often do not qualify for support. In response, Autism Bedfordshire began to develop a range of services for autistic adults in Bedfordshire who are at risk of social isolation but do not qualify for statutory support.

Since then we have continued to grow and adapt to an increasing demand yet our vision has remained the same: to empower autistic adults across Bedfordshire.

If you want to read the difference we make then download our impact report.

If you want to access our services then you can download our  Adult Services Application. You can also download our Adult Services Guide

To access any of our services you need to become a member of Autism Bedfordshire. 

A message from one of our members:

Bedfordshire Autism Voice

Annual Review

In 2009, an Autism Partnership Board was introduced in Bedfordshire to improve local services and help autistic adults to live fulfilling and rewarding lives.

In order to improve local services and help autistic adults to live fulfilling and rewarding lives, Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedford Borough Council have created the Bedfordshire Autism Voice. There are 4 local Bedfordshire Autism Voice Groups held once every 3 months in your local area to discuss local important issues relevant to you.

The groups are open to autistic adults, parents, carers and relevant organisations local to Bedfordshire. For more information, contact bedfordshireautismvoice@autismbeds.org

If you want to find out what we did in 2022 please download our year in review.

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