Autistic Carers Support

Every day 6,000 people in the UK become unpaid carers looking after family or friends who are older, disabled or seriously ill. While caring can be both amazing and challenging, the help and support carers give can present with some difficulties, especially if the carers themselves are autistic. The autistic needs of carers are often forgotten and reasonable adjustment aren’t made, leaving a carer isolated and alone trying to navigate a system that has been set up to exclude them and their needs.

Here at Autism Bedfordshire, we look to provide unpaid autistic carers with information, advice, and guidance along with practical and emotional support, so they feel supported and respected for the amazing jobs they do as carers. We want to help solve feelings of isolation and loneliness, and support carers with breaking down the barriers they face when accessing statutory, non-statutory and community services.

Autism Bedfordshire offer a monthly online carers support group in the evening which offers peer support and talks from professionals to reduce stress and equip carers to understand both their rights and those of the person they care for. Topics include:

  • Emergency planning
  • Carers assessments
  • Carers benefits
  • Carers passports
  • Talking to your GP

After each session, easy read resources are made available.  These can be found below.

If you live in Bedfordshire, Luton or MK and would like to find out more about how we support autistic carers please contact us on enquiries@autismbeds.org

Am I a Carer?

Carers’ Assessments

Carers’ Passports & Other Support

Talking to your GP

Emergency Planning

Benefits and Financial Support

Continued Support