Employment support

Our employment support service is designed for autistic adults who are looking to find paid work, volunteering or enter into education or training. The personalised program is designed to fit around the individual’s strengths, needs, and aspirations. We aim to ensure every person who enters employment support is not only closer to the job market but leaves more confident and independent.

Support sessions will include:

  • access to confidential 1:1 support during their meetings
  • an assessment plan and action points which will be renewed each time we see them
  • Searching for a job
  • completing practical tasks such as job applications, CV and cover letter writing and practising interview techniques
  • support with accompanying to interview
  • mentoring support helping individuals learn how to communicate with colleagues and cope effectively in the workplace
  • support with disclosure

To ensure member’s needs are met, we run small group employability training courses throughout the year face to face and virtually,  individuals will be given the opportunity to attend these courses. These include:

  • Level 1 Award in Pre-Employment and Volunteering
  • Know your Rights in the workplace
  • Interview skills
  • Customer Service
  • Finding your career direction
  • CV writing