Pre Diagnostic Support

We are offering a range of online workshops across Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes for individuals who think that they may be autistic and are wanting to find out further information on the process of getting a diagnosis. These workshops can help to explore how to ask for a diagnostic assessment, the assessment process, the benefits of a diagnosis and the emotions and thoughts you may feel throughout the process.

 The workshops will run both in the daytime and in the evening. The topics are:

  • Pre Diagnosis
  • The Assessment Process
  • Feelings You May Feel Whilst Waiting For a Diagnosis and Strategies to Manage Them
  • Expectations of Receiving a Diagnosis or Not

We also run open days for individuals who have questions regarding the referral and assessment process, which will be held both face to face and online.

If you would like further information regarding our workshops or open days, then please do contact us on:

Tel: 01234 350704

Email: enquiries@autismbeds.org