Educational Consultancy

This service can be accessed by practitioners or parents who would like assistance in identifying, understanding and supporting young people who may face barriers to their learning and development. It can also be commissioned by local authority staff to supplement their own provision in times of high demand.

Our experience: Mandy Higgs is a qualified autism advisory teacher with over 15 years of experience. Mandy has a Postgraduate Certificate in Asperger Syndrome and further associated training including Carol Gray Social Stories, 3 & 5 Day TEACCH, 2 Day PECS, 2 Day SCERTs and 1 Day Protective Behaviours. Mandy is able to support other professionals in both providing and examining the evidence for an autism spectrum diagnosis, although currently only a medical professional can offer a diagnosis.

What this service can offer:

  • Individual observations in the setting or (exceptionally) at home
  • Sensory environmental audit
  • Holistic reports containing clear recommendations
  • A focus on all diagnostic areas including social communication and interaction, flexibility of thought, behaviours, the impact of sensory processing differences and environmental factors
  • Advice about possible ways forward for the young person, suggested interventions and suitable targets
  • Useful evidence either pre or post diagnosis when seeking statutory support (please consult with your Local Authority to confirm they will recognise such evidence)


Autism Bedfordshire will always agree service fees before going ahead with any work. We offer an initial (one-off) up to 30 minute telephone consultation to any new client, free of charge, with no further obligation.

Our consultancy fee starts at £50/hour. There is an additional cost of 45p/mile added for the round trip between your location and ours (MK41 0UD) but we do not charge for the time spent travelling within Bedfordshire.

Example: Observation of a child (1–2 hours), written report with recommendations based on this observation and other information collated such as medical/school reports (3-4 hours). Typically this would total 5-6 hours’ work and therefore cost £250-£300, plus travel. If required to attend a follow up meeting with staff and parents/carers, this would add a further hours’ fee plus travel costs to the total.

For more information please contact us
Telephone: 01234 214871 or email: training@autismbeds.org