Skills4Success is a programme for young adults and teens with lower support needs. The age group is 16-19 years old, however we also run some further courses which are for 11-16 year olds. We provide a variety of bespoke skills courses to support learning and development alongside social opportunities in the community.

The programme offers a smaller, quieter environment for learners to participate in so that they can reap the benefits of smaller environment which may be easier to engage in.

The programmes run over a block 3 day period or once a week for approximately 6 weeks. The duration of the course is dependant on what the course is and what is covers. They follow a planned scheme of work which aims to empower learners, reduce anxieties, build confidence and independence and develop skills which are transferable in their day to day life, while preparing them for adulthood. The structure of the course focuses on collaborative learning sessions in the morning with more practical elements in the afternoon which consolidate the skills learnt during the first part.

For further information please email ebony.willis@autismbeds.org


Courses currently available or planned for the future include:

  • Understanding my Autism
  • Pre-Employment and Volunteering
  • Travel Training
  • Cookery
  • Communication and Social Skills
  • Wellbeing
  • Staying Safe