Skills Development

Our Adult Skill Development Courses and Workshops are designed to empower and enable autistic adults to develop communication, employment, social, and life skills needed to be a part of the local community. Courses usually take place for one day a week over a six-to-eight-week period and workshops last between one and two hours. Our courses and workshops are run both in-person and online to ensure that they are accessible for all.

Courses and Workshops available include:

– Understanding Autism courses

– An Introduction to Understanding Autism for Parents, Carers, and Partners

– Building confidence and resilience in social situations and the local community

– Managing change

– Managing money

– Maintaining healthy boundaries

– Challenging negative thoughts

– Building self-esteem and confidence

– Managing Anxiety

– Strategies for social exhaustion

– Pre-Employment and Volunteering

Upcoming Workshops and Courses


Download a PDF copy of this schedule here.

Download a PDF copy of this schedule here.