Skills Development

Our exciting Adult Skills Development and workshops are designed to support autistic adults over the age of 18.

The courses and workshops are moulded to support autistic adults, whether they are newly diagnosed or have been diagnosed since a young age. The main aim of this service is to create an inclusive environment for all adults to feel safe to share any personal experiences away from any judgement.

We pride ourselves on having a person-centred approach with our members, when developing our courses and workshops. The feedback we have from our members, help us to facilitate new courses and workshops, specifically tailored to support autistic adults in a neurotypical world.

Our workshops run twice weekly online and include a variety of topics, such as Mindfulness, Managing Emotions, Burn out and Shutdown, Executive Functioning, Sleep Hygiene and Masking/Unmasking.

Our courses run for around four to six weeks and support autistic adults with understanding topics to a more in-depth level. Recent examples of the course topics we have been running are Understanding My Autistic Identity, Managing Anxiety and Confidence with Communication. These are running online and in person.

Please get in touch for more details.