Social Groups

Our Social Groups are designed to provide social opportunities to autistic adults who are looking to develop friendships within a supported and structured setting. Within the groups, individuals learn social skills and gain greater self-esteem by developing an independent social life away from their family unit. Group members are encouraged and enabled to decide, plan and organise social activities with the support of our experienced staff team.

Evening Groups

Our evening social groups typically take advantage of the local community facilities and members will be either going to Mini Golf, the cinema or other local leisure activities. Sessions are generally supported by two members of staff and take place across Hertfordshire. They are held on a Wednesday evening and alternate between online and in person.

Daytime Groups

Our daytime groups are community-based sessions where attendees can take advantage of regular walks or lunches in local restaurants with their peer group. Supported by two members of staff these sessions take place across Hertfordshire. We have a monthly walking group for adults aged over 16 in St Albans.  These happen on the 3rd Friday of each month.

If you want to access any of these services, then contact us:

Tel: 01727 743246

Email:  enquiries@autismherts.org