Silly Sock Day 2021

We will be celebrating Silly Sock Day 2021 on the 30th of April. Join us or celebrate on any day in April that suits you!

The more the merrier, the sillier the better!

Why celebrate Autism for a day or a week? We’re doing it for the whole month! In support of Autism Awareness Week, we are inviting individuals, schools, businesses, community groups and other organisations to take part in Autism Bedfordshire’s Silly Sock campaign to help to raise awareness and valuable funds for our charity.  The idea is simple: Everyone wears silly socks or does something silly with socks and makes a donation to Autism Bedfordshire to do so.

Our Silly Sock Campaign aims to:  

Raise awareness about autism

You can find lots of information about autism here 

Raise funds to help us provide vital support autistic people and their families

Autism Bedfordshire’s aim is to improve the lives of autistic people and their families, and your donations can make a huge difference by helping to raise funds to allow us to continue to provide our much-needed services and specialist support. Click here to see how your donation could help.

How to take part:

Send us a photo or video that most creatively captures how you have taken part in Silly Sock Day.

Share your Silly Sock Day photos/videos on social media. You can use the hashtags #sillysockday #autismbedfordshire on social media to share your pictures and we’ll re-post as many as we can. 

Make a donation via our website.

You can call on all your Facebook friends to donate (and their friends!).

Looking for some Silly Sock inspiration?

Take a Silly Socks photo or video. You can be as creative as you wish – whether it’s just a photo of your feet or a whole group photo in silly socks,

Come up with a dance routine which you can perform in your silly socks and send us your video of it. See Marvin the Dance Monkey’s presentation here

Make a Silly Sock puppet. Here are some links to videos showing you how to do it:




Make your own silly socks! Take a pair of socks and decorate with bows, googly eyes or dragon spines – let your imagination run wild!


Silly Socks bunting: you can peg or tie socks onto a length of string to make bunting to hang on a wall or over a door.

We look forward to hearing what you do and seeing your Silly Sock Day photos and videos.  Good luck and thank you for supporting us.