Did you know that the average yearly spend per person on takeaway is £1,000. In contrast, the average yearly total charity donation per person is just £18. Reports state that people want to give more to charity, they just forget or feel what they can give won't make a difference, so don't give at all. But to us at Autism Bedfordshire, every penny really does count.

Autism Bedfordshire are launching their Take Away Your Takeaway campaign. We want to encourage people to think more about where they are spending their money, and how much more it could do if it was donated to charity. It costs around £600,000 a year to run Autism Bedfordshire’s much-needed services for autistic people and their families, and we rely on grants and donations to be able to carry out our work.

We are initially aiming to raise £1,000 to support our core services. If just 100 people donated £10 we would hit our target and be able to put the money where it's needed most.

So if you need encouragement to reduce the amount of takeaways you have for health or budgetary reasons, maybe instead of ordering that curry or pizza, you could donate £10 to supporting Autism Bedfordshire's services and cook yourself a Fakeaway. Or spend a bit less on your order and keep the change for an Autism Bedfordshire money tin at home.

Alternatively, if you can’t bear to give up your special treat, donate £10 anyway – it’s a small amount in comparison to your yearly spend on takeaways.

Please think of us, your local, independent charity, and how Taking Away Your Takeaway could make a huge difference to the people we support.

Take Away Your Takeaway will be an ongoing campaign as the work we do is ongoing. We look forward to working with you to continue supporting local individuals and families impacted by autism, and at the same time living healthier lives.

You can donate directly to our appeal here, or if you'd rather have a money tin at home to donate as the pennies appear you can contact us at [email protected] to arrange for a tin to be delivered.

Thank you!