We Are Outstanding!

Ofsted officials visited the Autism Bedfordshire Junior Activity Scheme in Luton on 25th July and carried out a full inspection. They have rated us as being ‘Outstanding’ and we are absolutely delighted.

Our results were as follows:

  1. Effectiveness of the leadership and management – Outstanding
  2. Quality of learning, teaching and assessment – Outstanding
  3. Personal development, behaviour and welfare – Outstanding

Some of the positive observations included:

“The excellent staff supervision reinforces their confidence in using innovative methods to interact and communicate with children. They exactly understand children’s needs and offer them a wealth of exciting play opportunities”

“Staff also use innovative procedures to gain children’s feedback. For example, children use coloured cards and pictures of faces to indicate what they feel about activities. This information is then collated and actively used to inform further planning.”

“Partnership working with other settings is exemplary. Staff exchange information with schools before children attend the scheme. They provide comprehensive feedback, so that teachers are fully aware of children’s activities and achievements.”

“The positive environment supports children’s constructive interactions and promotes their emotional well-being.”

Liz McTernan (Children’s Services Manager) said “I am extremely proud of the team that helped to make this happen. This has been the result of years of hard work, determination and team-work. I have always had a vast amount of confidence in my team and I am thrilled that we have the highest award possible.”

Thank you very much to everyone who helped make this happen, including our brilliant employees, volunteers and parents.

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