We need your unwanted items!

As regular followers of AB will know, we now have 2 charity shops, in Dunstable & Bedford. To keep these shops stocked with lovely items you just can’t wait to check out, we need to keep donations coming in.

So is there anything you could do to help?

Would your place of work be willing to hold a donation drive for us, or to act as a drop off point for donations where we can collect from. Maybe you could run a donation drive at home, asking family and friends to contribute.

Not everyone wants to run a marathon, or do a sponsored silence, but we all have items we need to clear out. This effort is just as valuable and useful to us, and every penny made from selling donated goods goes towards keeping our services going.

Please think about what you can do to help us keep our shops stocked, and our services supported.

If you have donations to give or want to organise a donation drive and want to talk to us about it, email us at enquiries@autismbesd.org or call us on 01234 214871.

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