Did you know?
£10 could fund an initial phone call to a newly diagnosed person/their family.
£35 could provide an adult with autism, who lacks social skills, the opportunity to attend one of our social groups and build their confidence.
£50 could fund two specialist workers to support young people with autism (age 10 – 17 years) at one of our Wanted Fun sessions.
£150 could fund one evening youth club session, benefitting 10 young people with autism.
£500 could provide 15 children with autism the opportunity to go to the zoo and share the same life experiences as others their age.
£1000 could fund 1 LOAF (Loads of Autistic Fun) session, benefiting 10 children with autism and their parents & siblings.

The costs to maintain the charity increase year on year and in 2017 our costs will be over £600,000.
81p out of every £1 we receive goes directly towards funding our services. The remaining 19p is spent on management, administration, staff and fundraising for the future.

These are just some of the costs:
£175 to run a daytime or evening social activity group for up to 20 adults with autism.
£500 to run a 2 hour soft play session for around 30 children with autism and their families.
£700 to run a 6 week training course for around 30 parents of children with autism.
£1,500 to run a 6 week trampoline course for 8 young people or adults with autism.
£1,500 to provide personalised employment support to an adult with autism, to help enable them to gain or maintain a job.
£3,500 to run a 6-8 week skills course for 6  adults with autism.
£23,000 to run our helpline service for a year, supporting hundreds of people with autism, their families and associated professionals.
£45,000 to run our 4 evening youth clubs which benefit around 90 young people with high functioning autism or Asperger Syndrome (£500 per session)
£70,000 to run our 4 Saturday morning social activity and support groups which benefit around 65 children with autism and their families.
£125,000 to run 10 weeks of summer activities for around 138 children and young people with autism (£1,000 per session).

If you would like to help us raise the funds to cover these costs please visit our 'Ways to Fundraise' page.

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Thank you for your support.