Summer Scheme

Autism Bedfordshire Summer Activity Schemes (S.A.S) 2024 

Due to limited spaces bookings will be considered on a first come first served basis and each local authority (Central Bedfordshire, Luton and Bedford Borough) will have an equal number of spaces, which will be spread across our Luton and Bedford schemes.

We are pleased that we have been able to ensure that our scheme will remain at £25.00 per day.

The link will go live on Saturday 17th February at 3pm


 What is the S.A.S?

What S.A.S do you offer in 2024?

How to book onto our S.A.S 2024

After your dates have been offered 


How to sign up guide

  • Respite clubs based in Bedford and Luton
  • For different age groups from 3 to 17 years old who live in Bedfordshire
  • A wide range of onsite activities and community-based experiences for autistic children and young people
  • Each scheme is specifically designed to cater for the different needs, interests, ages and abilities of those that attend.
  • ACTIVITY SCHEME: For autistic children aged 3-9 years old. We provide 1:1 and occasionally 2:1 where necessary, supporting up to 20 children each day.
  • HOLIDAY CLUBS: For autistic young people with high-level support needs between 10-17 years old. We provide 1:1 and 2:1 where necessary, supporting up to 18 young people each day.
  • SUMMER FUN: For autistic young people with lower support needs (accessing mainstream education) between 10-17 years old.  Ratio of support is approximately 1:4. We provide support for up to 10 young people each day.
  • All of our activity schemes provide a wide range of appropriate and engaging social, play and sporting activities including sand and water play, art and crafts, bouncy castles, swimming and visits to popular outdoor activity venues.

    If you have any questions or are unsure which group would be most suitable for your child, then please contact a member of the Children’s Services Team in the office on (01234) 214871. 

    For summer activity scheme timetables, please click on the links below (please note activities are subject to change).

    Luton Summer Scheme Timetable Click Here

    Bedford Summer Scheme Timetable Click Here

    Where – Microsoft Forms; link will be available via e-mail, on Facebook/Instagram and on the website.

    When – 3pm on Saturday 17th February 2024 (reminders will be sent 7th, 12th, and 16th February).

    How – Open Microsoft Forms link, fill in your details, select scheme and dates you would like your child/young person to attend, and submit.

    The Summer Activity Scheme 2024 will run between Monday 22nd July and Friday 2nd August. Date Request Forms will go live at 3pm on Saturday 17th February. Reminders of this will be sent on the 7th, 12th and 16th February, as well as a guide on how to fill in the form online.

    As we are annually oversubscribed, we operate on a first come, first served basis as this is the fairest way to allocate spaces to our families.

    On Friday 16th February, you will receive an email containing a link to Microsoft Forms which is where you will fill in the Summer Scheme Date Request form. This link will be accessible from 3pm on Saturday 17th February for you to complete and submit. The form cannot be accessed before this time. You might like to set an alarm on the day to remind you of this.

    If for any reason you do not receive an email, the link to the form will also be available on our website, as well as on our social media. The form can be filled out on a mobile device/laptop/tablet and submitted, so it does not need to be printed out.

    • A form needs to be completed per child attending the scheme. Attendees from the same family will be allocated based on the time the first form is submitted.
    • You will receive an acknowledgment of your submission on your screen once you have completed the form.
    • You will receive confirmation of the dates we are able to offer within 4 weeks of your submission, including instructions on how to pay.

    If you have difficulties accessing online bookings, please contact us by the 14th of February 2024 on 01234 214871 or by e-mail via summerscheme@autismbeds.org

    How to apply (If you need help completing the form, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help: 01234 214871)

    You can apply for one full week (5 days) of scheme and we will offer as many days as we can.

    Forms received after spaces are full will be added to a waiting list. We have been oversubscribed for the past 4 years, and so we may not be able to allocate all days you have asked for.

    An invoice for the balance to pay will be sent to you. This can be paid via bank transfer, over the phone of by cheque. We are also able to accept direct payments, however please contact us to confirm details. This invoice may also include a membership fee of £20.00 for those who are not already members.

    Information about the registration form you will need to complete for your child/ren so we can best support them on scheme (including medical info, communication needs and likes/ dislikes

    No Summer Scheme Deposit Payments are required when requesting dates now, an invoice will be sent to you

    When making payments over the phone, please select OPTION 1 for Children’s Services and our team will be happy to help!

    Please note: your child/ren’s summer scheme days cannot be fully confirmed until payment and a completed registration form has been received.

    Please download our guide our how to.


    Black and white version

    Read last year’s Summer Scheme Report here.

    Both Luton and Bedford Junior Activity Schemes have been rated as Outstanding by Ofsted (Luton 2023 & Bedford 2019).

    In 2019 a full inspection took place at the Bedford Junior Activity Scheme based at Wootton Lower School and the scheme was graded as Outstanding. Read the full report here.

    In 2023 the Luton Junior Activity Scheme, based at Richmond Hill School, was also graded as Outstanding by Ofsted. Read the full report here.

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